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Sempurna, Netbook Sony Vaio W-Series Terbaru

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Berita terbaru datang dari Sony, Selasa (07/7), yang mengumumkan kemunculan mini notebook atau netbook Vaio W-Series, yang diklaim Sony sebagai family yang perfect. Sementara menurut PCMag, inilah langkah pertama dari Sony untuk memasuki dunia netbook, dengan adanya W-Series ini merepresentasikan Sony untuk menembus market netbook.

PC mini laptop W-Series ini berukuran dimensi tinggi 10.5 inch x lebar 1.28 inch x tebal 7.1 inch, juga bobot 2.6 pound. Netbook Sony Vaio W-Series ini hadir dalam 3 warna, berry pink, sugar white dan cocoa brown. Untuk ukuran display sebesar 10 inch, cocok untuk ukuran sebuah netbook. Layar Sony Vaio W-Series ini memiliki resolusi layar 1,366 x 768 piksel, dengan koneksi 2 port USB, VGA Out, port Ethernet, webcam dan slot multimedia untuk Memory Stick Duo dan memory SDcard.

Seperti kebanyakan netbook, Sony Vaio W-Series ini dilengkapi dengan processor Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz, memory RAM 1GB, dan harddisk 160GB kecepatan 5,400 rpm. Untuk akses jaringan di W-Series ini termasuk teknologi Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g, dan Bluetooth, di system Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed. Aplikasi lainnya termasuk Sony's VAIO Multimedia Suite (VAIO Media plus Multimedia Streaming Software), software Norton Internet Security 2009 trial 30 hari, dan Microsoft Home and Student 2007 trial 60 hari.

Netbook Sony Vaio W-Series ini memiliki fasilitas Energy Star 5.0 dan EPEAT GOLD. Sedangkan LCD-nya bebas merkuri dan dipaket dengan cardboard yang 95 persen dapat didaur ulang, sehingga dapat membantu merevisi PC lama user (detailnya ada di www.sony.com/green). Untuk pre-order Sony Vaio W-Series ini dapat memesan di website Sony (www.sonystyle.com) dan akan hadir di toko retail di U.S, mulai Agustus dengan harga berkisar $500.(


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  1. Bought laptop for my wife and she absolutely loves it. Bought from Tech for Less through Amazon. It was refurbished and shows very slight signs of use. Had no troubles at all with any operations ran and so far is a very reliable machine. I would use it myself but I can't get over the pink. Extremely fast load times and beautiful display. More than enough HD space for her and she loves the layout of keyboard and ease of operation.

    Would definitly recommend Sony Vaio to anyone and also the site Techforless.com. They were very accurate on their description of product and shipping was very prompt.

  2. I spent MONTHS researching HP, Dell, Macs, etc. trying to find the perfect laptop. I am heading to college in the fall and really need something easy to use, but also advanced enough that it has all the features I will be needing. I heard negative comments for each of those brands, ranging from horrifically loud fan to a glare that prevents outdoor use to way to pricey for the product, respectively. Consequently, I had NO idea what to do. Then someone suggested looking into Sony and THANK GOD I DID!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LAPTOP!! It's a perfect size, red is the perfect color (I had my doubts about it being too red, but it really is gorgeous), it works fantastically, the keyboard flows so well, it's fast, it's efficient, it was relatively cheap compared to others...it's perfect!!! Overall I would suggest this product to anyone!!!

  3. ada DVD RW nya engga yah?

  4. I love the new laptop. It works fast, it's not too big and didn't have too much preinstalled things i had to take care of. And for the price, it was a bargain.

  5. Sony VAIO VGN-CS260J/P 14.1-Inch Laptop Pink
    First off, don’t buy it because its pretty. Yes I have it in pink but that was not the determining factor; I just love that I have the option. What the other reviewer is saying about the keyboard I don’t get because yeah the keys ARE spaced together but its a typical laptop keyboard but its comfortable to type on. The best part is all that gunk and funk don’t get stuck in between the keys but they aren’t so close together.

    Its fast, and has a lot of space although its still smart to back up your stuff so you don’t get screwed in case something does happen. The sound quality is great; I do voice over IP and there was no issue. Also, when I was working with the Blu-ray and other things it is great;the graphics and picture quality are amazing and the screen is just the right size. I watch Blu-ray’s, DVS’s and also download from Netflix to this computer and its perfect! The touch sensor AV control is a nice touch.

    For photos, I love that it has all the slots not just one. Especially because no one is getting pictures from me if I have to take that extra step of hooking a camera up to the computer to do it.

    Out of the box the battery setting comes out OPTIMIZED I recommend the Balanced setting or you be constantly recharging your battery. My only beef is windows vista which takes some time getting used to but is an easy transition. Also, word of warning scrap the Windows OneCare its crap and they are doing away with it because it performs so poorly yet Microsoft still allows people to purchase it. Save your money for Norton instead.

    Lastly,I’ve had this computer for over two months now and not a problem. This is my second Vaio the first which is over five years old and with my active duty husband aboard a US Navy submarine. And trust me he is not gentle with anything. These are NOT crap-made computers and last a good long time when you take care of them right. (p.s. I also buy a sqauretrade warranty to be on the safe side too). Buy it you won’t regret it.